I fell in a hole

Holaaaaaaaa! It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve waited maybe a little too long to do a new makeup, but you know, I’m very lazy. So today (or tonight lol) I present to you: the  »I fell in hole » makeup. So if you didn’t understand, it’s an FX makeup, with a lot of blood; because I like blood hehe. Here’s what I did!




So first of all, if you want to do a makeup like this, be aware that some products can be a little dangerous for your skin, especially sensitive one’s. So please, make a test on your skin before applying too much.

Now, the first step is : PLASTONAT


What the hell is plastonat? 

It’s play-do, but more sticky and difficult to play with. I used this to do the scars on the forehead,nose and cheek. So I took a little piece of the plastonat, and rolled it in the form of a rod. After that, I apply this on my face VERY GENTLY. I don’t want to mess everything up, this material can break easily.



Now that I setted everything on my face, we have to smooth all of that!



For this step, I used these two tools (sorry they’re a little dirty). I took the thin one (on the left) to smooth the edges so it can kind of  »melt » with my skin. This step is very important, so I need to take my time to have a nice result. Once it’s done, I take the spoonbill make everything smooth. When it’s done, I cover this with my foundation and concealer, so it’s the same skin tone, then I just put some regular powder to set it.

Third step: MAKEUP

Now it’s time to put some colors on this face! First I take my big sponge and put this creamy eyeshadow (it’s like dark maroon) everywhere on my scars.


After that, I take my new palette (only with creamy eyeshadows) and take the color black, and put it on some points (not everywhere otherwise it’s weird lol). Same for the red next to it.


Final step: BLOOD

This step is my favourite, and it’s the easiest one. I just take some fake blood and spill it everywhere! That’s all.


There you go guys!! Easy right? I hope you like it! See you next time!


(Sorry for being so dramatic on these pictures lol)

-Santa ❤


As you know (or not), I want to be a makeup artist, especially in FX makeups! So, I decided to create a new category: FX makeup!

I recently had some new products for my birthday (thanks to my brother), so why not sharing it? I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

You’ll just have to wait for it… 😉


Coming back?

Hiyaaaa! Yes, it’s been a very long time since I posted on this blog, but don’t worry, I’m coming back!

I was just out of inspiration, and I wanted to take a break. But now, some new and fresh ideas will be on this blog very soon! Just let me put all of this in order in my head, and it will be good.

Sorry for my long abscence, stay tuned!


Makeup for blondes

Hiiii! I know, I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorry! But here is something new onn my blog. A friend accepted to be my model for a makeup. And as you can see she’s blonde and has blue eyes, so that’s a great opportunitie to show a new look for every type of girls!

For this look, I used warm colors so her eyes is popin’ up! I used my Morphe palette that I got recently.

So, if you are blonde and have blue or green eyes, the warm colors are for you!

Let’s go with the brown, maroon, chocolate, orange… But, for this look, I forgot to take the pictures of the eyeshadows SORRY!


But I’m gonna give you some details of what I did, don’t worry fellas 😉

Before I add any products, I take some tape to place on the eyes to have a nice and clean result.

For the base, after the primer, I used a light orange eyeshadow from the lid to the under eyebrows so the colors can mix together and add nice touch. After that, I take a  light  brown (as a second base)  on the lid and a little bit along the tape so I can create like a « wing ».

Then, I take a dark brown, I put it on the crise with a brush with a rounded tip and I also  go beyond on the tape to do the « wing » again. I mix the dark brown and a the black for the extern corner of the eye only so it’s not too light.

I put some highlight on the corner of the eye to light up this look! And also I blended a LOT on this look so it’s very important to have this kind of smooth result and not having any demarcation with the eyeshadows. And the last step (before mascara) I added some white crayon under her eyes so they can look a little bigger.

Thank you to my friend Lola for being my little model for this look! She’s killin it!

[Merci ma petite Lola pour avoir été mon petit modèle pour ce maquillage! Tu gères 😉 ]

That’s all I have for this look guys I hope you enjoy this makeup! If you have any questions, you know how to contact me ! 🙂

-Santa ❤

















Testing tape on my face?!

Hey guys! How’s everyone doing? (there’s still no one here). I hope you had a nice day!

So today I wanted to try something that I’ve seen EVERYWHERE, on instagram,facebook,youtube,etc…

A lot of people are actually using tape for their makeup. I tried this before, a long time ago, but it failed lol. A few days ago, I wanted to take my revenge and do it again!

But most of all, I want to show you if this tips works or not. Let’s see!

So first I’m going to apply my primer (very important step), it’s the Baby Skin « blurr tiredness » from Maybelline. Then I put the tape under my eyes, on the direction of the bottom of my eyebrows.

For my eyes, I’m taking my « basics » palette that I got from Amzon (link :https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01HM2ODEC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ). I’m using this eyeshadow as a base, just so the next eyeshadows would be easier to blend and to work on.

When I’m done I’m usng the palette « The Nudes » from Maybelline (link: :http://www.boots.com/en/Maybelline-Palette-The-Nudes_1685050/ ).

So first I’m taking this deep brown eyeshadow to put it on my lid only, then I put the black on on the extern corner of my eyes and blend it until I have what I want. On top of that, I’m taking this very nice gold eyeshadow and put it on the middle of my lid.

For my face, I’m using the tape just for the contouring (I was so shocked that it worked so well). I’m putting along the « hollow » of my cheek and taking a powder darker than my skintone. Taking the tape off and TADAAAA!

And here is the look! (yes I was impressed by this highlight). For the lips I just used a lip gloss (no brand sorry!) and I just putted some blush and did my eyebrows.

I hope you enjoy this look! Don’t forget to live a like or a comment.

See you next time! Byyyye xx










Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you the best for 2017.

Wouhhh, 2016 is already over…what a year! I know for the world it’s been a hard one, sadly. Beacause of the terrorists, the election of Donal Trump, beautiful artists are gone (David Bowie,Prince,Carrie Fisher…).

But this year, le’s try to sprend some positivity in our lifes and be happy! Let’s forget all of this bad stuff and go on.

I want you guys to be happy no matter what, do what you love and have good times with your friends and family. Enjoy every moments with them, because it’s one of the most important thing ever!

Have a good year 😉


Maroon and black

Hiii everyone! How is everyone doing? (there’s no one here). The day after Christmas is always the WORST I know. But, new year is coming!

For now, I made a little makeup a few days ago, but I forgot to post it, SORRY. But here it is!


I tried to make a « grung » look with the colors maroon and black. But for the lips I wanted to do something colorful and pop. Also, I worked on the highlight and the blush, ths needed some light up!  Here are the products that I used:*



For the lips, I used two matt lipsticks : the Revlon Matt Lipstick and the Nani Matt Gloss.




The Revlon lipstick was used as a base, so I apply it by tapping and then I put a little bit of the Nani gloss on the center of my lips and fade it with my fingers also by tapping.







For the other products, I already showed you in a previous post (you should take a look at the « autumn colors » post). So that’s it for ths makeup! I hope you enjoy this look, I’ll post another probably tomorrow or in 2 days. Have a good day! ❤


Chocolate roll !

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you had wonderful time on this day of celebration! What gifts did you all get? Tell me in the comments, I wanna know !

So yesterday, I decided to make a chocolate roll. Let me show you how I made it!

So first you will need:



  • 80g of flour
  • 100g of sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 tablespoon of rhum
  • Nutella



Separate the yolk from the white.




beat the egg white’s until they look like snow.











(click on the image to see the legend)



Then put te flour into the mixture and mix it all!



Now put the « snow egg » in the previous mixture very gently.
















Now put this on the plate very carefuly!





Take off the clamps and put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 356 °F .






Take a wet towel and put your « cake » on it.

Now soak it with the rhum and not too much! (it’s better if you take a brush).












Roll it EXTREMELY carefuly and TADAAA! You have your beautiful chocolate roll! Enjoy!


Okay guys I hope you’ll try this little recipe at home and send me pictures! Merry Christmas all and be safe! ❤









My skincare routine

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful day on this Christmas evening!

So today, I wanted to share my skincare routine with only 2 or 3 products (yes, I know crazy right?).



So first, after I took off my makeup, I put some water on my face and I use my Garnier Skinactive gel. I apply it with circular moves, so I can clean my skin very gently.

The smell of this product is soooo nice I love it! It’s a little strong, but it’s very refreshing for the skin and it helps to wake me up in the morning.


Here is my favorite of the two : the Garnier Skinactive 3in1 product.

You can use it in 3 differents ways :

  • As a regular cleanskin product.
  • As an exfoliant (you have to put it only on your « T » zone and do circular moves).
  • And as a mask! (you need to leave it on your face for only 3 minutes).

AND for the last step, I’m just taking my day cream.


It’s the Diadermine anti-wrinkles (yeah I know I don’t need it…yet).

Okay guys, I think that’s it for my skincare routine! I hope you enjoy this post 🙂 If you have any questions, you know how to contact me  😉  Don’t worry I will do something for christmas tomorrow! Love you little chicken nuggs ❤


ASMR videos



ASMR = autonomous sensory meridian response 

You probably heard about it, and it’s getting VIRAL. ASMR videos are here to help you relax and forget all about your negative thoughts.

These videos appeal to your sens of hearing.

These youtubers are basically taking objects and tapping/scratching them close to their microphone so you can hear it very clearly. Those type of videos weren’t very known at first, but they did their way now!

ASMR consists of producing pleasant sounds (and NON SEXUAL) to give you tigles or chills and stimulate your brain. That’s also why we qualify these youtubers « brain masseuse(er) ».


These videos are here to help you if you are a stressing person, but it doesn’t mean that it work on everyone of course! It depends on your stress/tired level and on your irritability too. It also depends if you want to relax or if you want help to sleep!

If you can relax easily, ASMR will probably work on you very well, but if your brain is thinking too much, you’ll ask too much questions to yourself and won’t focus on the sounds. The purpose on this is to drain/clean your brain from bad/negative thoughts.


Nope! You can have different categories like « roleplay » (it consists to give you personal care, like you are in the same room as the youtuber. This one actually talk to you like you were with her/him.)

There is also « personal intention » (in this categorie, the youtuber talk to you and try to lift up your spirit by saying nice words and to motivate you if you have a bad day.)

As I said previously, there are « triggers to help you sleep », who are the most watched today. Most of the time, it’s just scratching and tapping objects, but it can be something else!


Actually, I’ve watched many people doing that but I only found one who do the job perfectly. Taylor from the youtube chanel  ASMR Darling  is really great and her videos really does effect on me! If you want to give a look, the link of her youtube chanel is right here:


I’m not telling more about her, I let you go on her youtube chanel ! 🙂

Okay! I think that’s all I have to say about ASMR videos. If you have any other questions, you know how to contact me 😉 Don’t forget to leave a little comment or a like (or both lol)!

Lots of love to you little chicken nugg ❤