ASMR videos



ASMR = autonomous sensory meridian response 

You probably heard about it, and it’s getting VIRAL. ASMR videos are here to help you relax and forget all about your negative thoughts.

These videos appeal to your sens of hearing.

These youtubers are basically taking objects and tapping/scratching them close to their microphone so you can hear it very clearly. Those type of videos weren’t very known at first, but they did their way now!

ASMR consists of producing pleasant sounds (and NON SEXUAL) to give you tigles or chills and stimulate your brain. That’s also why we qualify these youtubers « brain masseuse(er) ».


These videos are here to help you if you are a stressing person, but it doesn’t mean that it work on everyone of course! It depends on your stress/tired level and on your irritability too. It also depends if you want to relax or if you want help to sleep!

If you can relax easily, ASMR will probably work on you very well, but if your brain is thinking too much, you’ll ask too much questions to yourself and won’t focus on the sounds. The purpose on this is to drain/clean your brain from bad/negative thoughts.


Nope! You can have different categories like « roleplay » (it consists to give you personal care, like you are in the same room as the youtuber. This one actually talk to you like you were with her/him.)

There is also « personal intention » (in this categorie, the youtuber talk to you and try to lift up your spirit by saying nice words and to motivate you if you have a bad day.)

As I said previously, there are « triggers to help you sleep », who are the most watched today. Most of the time, it’s just scratching and tapping objects, but it can be something else!


Actually, I’ve watched many people doing that but I only found one who do the job perfectly. Taylor from the youtube chanel  ASMR Darling  is really great and her videos really does effect on me! If you want to give a look, the link of her youtube chanel is right here:

I’m not telling more about her, I let you go on her youtube chanel ! 🙂

Okay! I think that’s all I have to say about ASMR videos. If you have any other questions, you know how to contact me 😉 Don’t forget to leave a little comment or a like (or both lol)!

Lots of love to you little chicken nugg ❤









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