Makeup for blondes

Hiiii! I know, I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorry! But here is something new onn my blog. A friend accepted to be my model for a makeup. And as you can see she’s blonde and has blue eyes, so that’s a great opportunitie to show a new look for every type of girls!

For this look, I used warm colors so her eyes is popin’ up! I used my Morphe palette that I got recently.

So, if you are blonde and have blue or green eyes, the warm colors are for you!

Let’s go with the brown, maroon, chocolate, orange… But, for this look, I forgot to take the pictures of the eyeshadows SORRY!


But I’m gonna give you some details of what I did, don’t worry fellas 😉

Before I add any products, I take some tape to place on the eyes to have a nice and clean result.

For the base, after the primer, I used a light orange eyeshadow from the lid to the under eyebrows so the colors can mix together and add nice touch. After that, I take a  light  brown (as a second base)  on the lid and a little bit along the tape so I can create like a « wing ».

Then, I take a dark brown, I put it on the crise with a brush with a rounded tip and I also  go beyond on the tape to do the « wing » again. I mix the dark brown and a the black for the extern corner of the eye only so it’s not too light.

I put some highlight on the corner of the eye to light up this look! And also I blended a LOT on this look so it’s very important to have this kind of smooth result and not having any demarcation with the eyeshadows. And the last step (before mascara) I added some white crayon under her eyes so they can look a little bigger.

Thank you to my friend Lola for being my little model for this look! She’s killin it!

[Merci ma petite Lola pour avoir été mon petit modèle pour ce maquillage! Tu gères 😉 ]

That’s all I have for this look guys I hope you enjoy this makeup! If you have any questions, you know how to contact me ! 🙂

-Santa ❤


















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