I fell in a hole

Holaaaaaaaa! It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve waited maybe a little too long to do a new makeup, but you know, I’m very lazy. So today (or tonight lol) I present to you: the  »I fell in hole » makeup. So if you didn’t understand, it’s an FX makeup, with a lot of blood; because I like blood hehe. Here’s what I did!




So first of all, if you want to do a makeup like this, be aware that some products can be a little dangerous for your skin, especially sensitive one’s. So please, make a test on your skin before applying too much.

Now, the first step is : PLASTONAT


What the hell is plastonat? 

It’s play-do, but more sticky and difficult to play with. I used this to do the scars on the forehead,nose and cheek. So I took a little piece of the plastonat, and rolled it in the form of a rod. After that, I apply this on my face VERY GENTLY. I don’t want to mess everything up, this material can break easily.



Now that I setted everything on my face, we have to smooth all of that!



For this step, I used these two tools (sorry they’re a little dirty). I took the thin one (on the left) to smooth the edges so it can kind of  »melt » with my skin. This step is very important, so I need to take my time to have a nice result. Once it’s done, I take the spoonbill make everything smooth. When it’s done, I cover this with my foundation and concealer, so it’s the same skin tone, then I just put some regular powder to set it.

Third step: MAKEUP

Now it’s time to put some colors on this face! First I take my big sponge and put this creamy eyeshadow (it’s like dark maroon) everywhere on my scars.


After that, I take my new palette (only with creamy eyeshadows) and take the color black, and put it on some points (not everywhere otherwise it’s weird lol). Same for the red next to it.


Final step: BLOOD

This step is my favourite, and it’s the easiest one. I just take some fake blood and spill it everywhere! That’s all.


There you go guys!! Easy right? I hope you like it! See you next time!


(Sorry for being so dramatic on these pictures lol)

-Santa ❤


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